Tan Sri Larry Low Hock Peng is the son of the late Low Meng Tak. Following in his father’s footsteps, Larry Low was also a contributor to the welfare of his community while simultaneously growing his family’s fortune.

Larry Low’s areas of expertise are in matters relating to corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions. However, throughout his business success, he has prioritized promoting employment and increasing the economic standing of those less fortunate.

A skilled businessman, Larry served on the board of MWE HOLDINGS BHD from 1985 to 2003, mainly handling the business development and corporate affairs.

Larry was involved in a diversified range of businesses such as textiles, electronics, property, industrial, leisure, plantations and corporate services. Through this he greatly grew employment opportunity and economic standing of many in the community

He continued boosting opportunities for those around him in his next project, when he co-founded the Frencken Group Ltd in 1995. He has been the non-executive non-independent chairman of the group since its inception and was appointed as the group’s director in July 2000.

Listed in Singapore, Frencken is a high-tech capital and consumer equipment service provider with operations spanning Europe, Asia and the United States.

Larry’s involvement in these various well-established projects greatly increased the Low family’s wealth allowing them to expand their generous endeavors and move to the highest echelons of Malaysian society